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New York style:

New York is a world-class city that directly affects the global economy, finance, media, politics, education, entertainment and fashion. New York has an influence in business and finance. New York's financial district, led by Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, is known as the world's financial center. The New York Stock Exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world. It was once the largest exchange, and its trading volume was surpassed by Nasdaq in 1996. Located in the hub of the Broadway Theater District, New York Times Square is known as the "crossroads of the world" and is one of the centers of the world's entertainment industry. Temptation is an indispensable weapon for you who want to be temperamental. The temptation means to evoke the other's interest, attract the other's attention, and use your every move to pull his breathing frequency. Temptation is an art, a science. It is about your absolute trust in yourself. The flaming little pepper "New York style" is fragrant, and a confident person can control it.

Amazon Rainforest:

The Amazon Rainforest, also known as the Amazon Rainforest, also known as the Amazon Rainforest, is located in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon Basin in South America, covering an area of 7 million square kilometers (700 million hectares), making this rainforest alive with the Amazon River. The rainforest traversed eight countries: Brazil (60% of forest area), Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname, including French Guiana. Four of the countries named the state of the rainforest Amazon. The Amazon rainforest accounts for half of the world's rainforest area, and 20% of the forest area is the world's largest and most species of tropical rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is known as the "earth of the earth." It is known as the "world animal and plant kingdom". The green pepper "Amazon Rainforest" scent allows you to return to nature, feel the freshness of the rainforest, and explore the mystery of the rainforest.

Miami love:

Miami is an international metropolis with an important position in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, art and international trade. It is also home to many companies, banks and television stations. Miami is also considered to be a melting pot of culture, influenced by the vast Latin American community and the residents of the Caribbean island countries (local residents use Spanish and Haitian Creole), with North America, South America, Central America The Caribbean region is culturally and linguistically close, and is sometimes referred to as the "Capital of the Americas."

In 2008, Miami was named "America's Cleanest City" by Forbes for its good air quality, large plant coverage, clean drinking water, clean streets and a citywide garbage collection program. ". In 2009, Miami was also named the richest city in the United States and the fifth richest city in the world by UBS.

Purple peppers represent the tolerance of the city of Miami.

California Sunshine:

California is a state on the western Pacific coast of the United States. It is bordered by Oregon in the north, Nevada and Arizona in the east, Mexico in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The area is 411013km2 and its name is taken from the name of a small island in the Spanish legend.

Redwood National Park is located in the northwest corner of California; Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park are located on the west side of the eastern Sierra Nevada; the Death Valley National Monument in the southeast and the Joshua Tree National Reserve.

The state flower is Golden Poppy. The state bird is the California Valley Quail. The state tree is California Redwood. The motto is "I have found it". Orange peppers, like the sweet orange in California sunshine, do you want to find it?

Hawaiian Sea Breeze:

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by volcanic eruptions, including eight large islands and 124 small islands that stretch for 2,450 kilometers to form a crescent-shaped island chain. The island of Hawaii is the largest island with two active volcanoes on the island. The climate is mild and pleasant all year round, and the precipitation is greatly affected by the terrain. The difference between the regions is very different, and the forest coverage rate is nearly 50%. The state is made up of nineteen major islands and coral reefs in the Central Pacific. The Hawaiian Islands have plenty of rain, and many hills and mountains are covered with dense forests and meadows, showing the beauty of nature. On the islands of Hawaii, blooming flowers can be seen all year round.

Seattle Flower Language:

The official name for Seattle is "The City of Emerald". Other aliases include "Rain City", "Evergreen City", "Alaska Gateway", "Queen's City" and "The City of Jets". Its coffee consumption is enormous, it is the birthplace of Starbucks, the first store is here. The Seattle area is ideal for its mild climate, diverse living options, rich arts and culture, sports, entertainment, numerous shops and dining, and year-round outdoor entertainment. In 2005, Seattle was named the best city for wireless connectivity in the United States.


The US imported GEL carrier is integrated into pure natural aromatherapy essential oil, produced by US patent technology, exported to European and American standards, non-toxic and harmless, SGS authoritative environmental certification

High temperature curing molding, no leakage, cold and high temperature, no alcohol solvent, non-flammable, non-explosive, safe and reliable

GEL can be blended into 30% aromatherapy essential oils, which are naturally released and volatilized.

Soft material, not afraid of collision, drop, easy to clean, a washable aroma jewelry

GEL can be molded, a customizable fragrance

Change the traditional car aroma form to create a healthy and safe interior environment


The pure natural botanical extracts are refined and refined, while enjoying the fresh driving, every cell of the healthy body exudes a fragrant smell.