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Hi-Chili brand aromatherapy jewelry is made by importing flavors and pigments and using Gel as a carrier. The fragrance is evenly and continuously distributed, with a variety of fragrances and versatile styles. The shape and color are different, and the natural volatile aromatherapy method is adopted to make the fragrance spread slowly and naturally! It is used in high-quality car cars, luggage ornaments, star hotels, boutique shopping malls, high-end office buildings, noble homes and other quality life areas.


Flexible and convenient: the shape is small and exquisite, inserted into the air outlet, hung in any position inside the car, flexible transformation, authoritative environmental certification, long volatilization, uniform volatilization, giving full play to the natural fragrance of pure natural essential oils,


The pure natural botanical extracts are refined and refined, while enjoying the fresh driving, every cell of the healthy body exudes a fragrant smell. The HI-CHILI brand car solid incense from the United States gives you a better quality of life. It creates fresh and fragrant air and eases the interior environment.